Tuesday, August 14, 2012

One more sleep....

OMGosh!  We have less than 9 hours and our limo will be here to pick us up for Spencer's wish trip.  We are packed.  Sort of.  Mike has gone out to get our GPS out of the car, and we can't find the charging cord to our handheld camcorder.  If that's all we are missing, I will count that as a win.  My small handheld camera does have a video record feature.

We started packing today and Spencer went crazy.  He took a bath, put on his Avengers underoos, and slipped on his flip flops.  Then proceeded to chant for hours that he was ready to go bye-bye.  Why he thought he was doing this in underoos is beyond me.  We don't normally take him out in his underwear.  That would have been a first.  So I did what any self respecting mother would do and ordered him pizza.  (Hey, I thought it would humor him.  ...It did not.)  So he followed me around as I packed and kept saying "I go bye bye?"  And every time I would tell him that he need to go to bed first and THEN he would go bye bye, he would stomp his little feet and cry a little.  Then within minutes he would start his chant again.  We finally got him to bed around 9:30. 

Now it's almost 11pm and we are about to head to bed ourselves.  I'm too excited to type much more and I doubt I will sleep much.  Spencer has shown enthusiasm for this trip beyond anything I ever expected.  His comprehension of what is going on is so much larger than anything he was comprehending a year ago.  He's known for weeks that this is HIS trip and that we are going to Disneyworld.  He knows his Make A Wish Shirt means something special to him.  He knows he needs flip flops and underoos.  (This is where I would have put a picture of that if I had taken one.  I did not.  My organization was not stellar today.)

Goodnight....we are about to go on the big bye-bye.  Thank you Make A Wish, Give Kids the World, Disneyworld, Seaworld, Universal Studios, and whoever else generously graces our lives this week. We love you all.

P.S.  We found the charger for the video camera!

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  1. =) Good works, Momma =) Youre setting sail, take a deep breath and enjoy!!

    All our love,