Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Spencer's Wish Trip, Day 4: Dine with Shamu at Seaworld!

This was our much anticipated Dine with Shamu day.  We were anxious to leave the villa and head to Seaworld, but as we were on our way to breakfast we passed Keaton's Korral at the village, and they were giving horseback rides to the kids, along with giving them cowboy hats.  Spencer has never been on a horse, so we took him over to try one out.  Spencer thought it was fantastic.  He smiled the whole time he was on the horses back and then wanted to go again.  And not just a small ear to ear smile.  He loved it so much that we may look into getting him into a theraputic riding class back here in Virginia Beach.

I'm sure by now, you are noticing that Spencer is wearing the same shirt every day.  The only thing Make A Wish asked of us, was that if the shirt was clean they wear it.  Our villa had a washer and dryer and they provided the detergent, so every night we washed that shirt.  It was the least we could do.

After horseback riding we were off to Seaworld.  Immediately we headed to feed the Dolphins.  This is something that they usually charge for but we got to do it for free.  It involved a mini dolphin training session, getting to touch the dolphins (they are extremely soft!) and then feeding them fish.  Spencer really enjoyed this, as you can tell in the pictures!

He thought being eye to eye with a dolphin was great, but then it got better...

He was a little skeptical about touching one, but giggled like crazy!

Dolphin training!

Feeding them was the best!  Spencer gave them fish right and left!

It started pouring down rain right after this so we hung out in the underwater observation area for a while and then wondered down to the sharks.  Then it was time to start on our way over to the dolphin show.  We made a quick pit stop on the way there and Mike and the girls rode the Manta while Spencer played some games.  They all agree that it is the BEST roller coaster they have ever ridden and even rate it higher than the Intimidator 305 at Kings Dominion, which was previously their favorite.  Once they got off that, we headed into the dolphin show.  I took most of the pictures at the show with some waterproof disposable cameras that I haven't developed yet, but it was a great show!  I did get a picture of Spencer with the cast as we were going out....

After that it was time for Spencer to ride the Journey to Atlantis.  He loved it!  When we got off, they gave us the photo...

Spencer was just out for a little boat ride....the rest of us were terrified!

There was no doubt all day that Spencer was totally enthralled with Seaworld!

We headed to wild artic where we took a simulated helicopter ride to Antartica.  Once we got off the ride, we ended up in a COLD exibit where they had Beluga whales, a polar bear, and a Walrus.  The Walrus was my all time favorite!!!  He was HUGE!

I also tried to get Spencer to get his photo taken with this imitation Polar Bear, but he was having none of it.  The girls however had no reservations....

From there we headed toward Shamu Stadium, which is where our Dinner with Shaumu was  going to be at.  Behind the stadium they have some smaller rides and Spencer couldn't wait to jump on the kiddie coaster....

After that, we headed out to Dine With Shaumu!  This experience was everything we hoped it would be!  The dinner was buffet style and yummy, and we had great seats right up near the glass.

Spencer loved the food and ate great!

The action was going on the whole time we were having dinner!

Spencer was right up front, glued to his seat the whole time!

One more happy smile!

Then we headed to Shamu Stadium for the main event.  As we walked into the Stadium, we were stopped by a park employee and asked if we wanted to get wet.  OF COURSE we wanted to get wet!!!  He sent us right up front and center, to an area that is reserved for Make A Wish kids!  The whales came right up on platforms in front of us during the show!  Pictures will have to wait until I get the waterproof disposables developed but the show was phenomenal and Spencer LOVED it!  At the end Shamu came right up in front of us and drenched us with a splash of his tail.  I think it was the highlight of Spencer's day!

Seaworld employees were all phenomenal.  They all stopped and talked to us.  They gave us the best tips and directions and told us where we wanted to go next.  They sat us in the best spots, and they gave us photos.  Like this one.....

And it was only day 4.....

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