Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Winston....The Falls Family Traveling Companion

After my first blog post yesterday, I got quite a few emails and comments on facebook from friends asking me why I didn't mention Winston.  Well quite simply, I didn't mention him because I thought I might need subject matter for future blogs.  If nothing else, Winston can always be counted on to provide subject matter.  But given the amount of inquires I received on Winston after my first blog, I have decided to devote this blog to introducing The Winston to all of you.

Winston is the Falls Family Traveling Companion.  He was adopted in April and came to us all the way from California.  (Well ok, he is a Jack In the Box antenna topper, and I bought him off Ebay...but he did get shipped to me from California.)  Originally, I got the idea from another friend of mine who had an antenna topper similar to Winston show up in her photos on facebook, as she traveled across country to Virginia.  We were busy planning a family vacation, and I thought it was an awesome idea.  It turns out we had so much fun with it that Winston has now taken on his own persona, even going so far as to create his own Facebook page.  It turns out he is almost as famous as Spencer.  (But not quite.)

Winston always refers to himself in the third person.  He actually prefers "The Winston" over just Winston.  This is a bad habit he picked up while watching WWE RAW on Monday nights.  Once he heard The Rock had returned and was referring to himself in the third person, there was no way Winston was about to be outdone.  He loves Tequila and the Dallas Cowboys.  He also has an extensive wardrobe that must be taken everywhere with him.  Having a Winston is worse than having a daughter!  At least he doesn't require makeup. Oh! I almost forgot - he is quite in love with himself, and will be the first person to declare his incredible level of awesomeness.  

Winston has been to Walmart, Waffle House, and Disneyworld.  Spencer has even generously offered to take him on his Make A Wish trip in two weeks.  He has grand plans to attend a Washington Redskins football game this season, dressed in his Dallas Cowboys gear.  (Did I mention he is a troublemaker?)  The other day he was Catholic but that was only because he heard they have wine at communion.  

Winston being goofy with Spencer

Winston is part of our family.  All of the kids love him.  The dog...not so much.  I'm sure his name will pop up on here more than once in the future.  No matter what happens in this house, you can always blame it on Winston! 

You are welcome to join Winston's facebook page and see where his adventures may take him.  Just don't say I didn't warn you if he shows up on your posts giving you a hard time.  

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