Sunday, August 12, 2012

We're Dorky And We Know It...Or Dorks Love Waffles

Today was our last "down" day before Spencer's trip.  Meaning tomorrow is Morgan's High School Graduation ceremony, and Tuesday is the day we pack.  Today was our last "free" day.  So in our true Falls' family dorkiness, we decided to spend it at the Waffle House and then visit the comic book store.  Everyone needed reading material for the plane ride and we were hungry!  (Mike had spent the morning replacing our corner porch post...he has become quite the handy man in his retirement...I love it!)

About 5 years ago, my children discovered the yumminess that is known as the Waffle House.  I think they would just about pick it hands down as their favorite restaurant ever.  I can remember when Mike and I were just starting to date, Morgan attacking us one day and BEGGING us to take her there.  Mike was pretty much like "The Waffle House???? Really???"  That was when we shared the awesomeness.  Open 24/7  and always stocked with waffles.  What more can you want?  We come from a small town and I would have to say that this restaurant is infamous in our town.   It's bascially not a good story if it doesn't end at the Waffle House.  It's also pretty much a given that people will stop and listen if you start your sentence with "So the other night in the Waffle House...."  If the Waffle House could run for President, we'd vote for it.

So of course when the topic of us going out to eat today came up, that's where we ended up.  Waffles are basically pancakes with grooves in them, so Spencer knew what he wanted right juice.  (I never claimed he wasn't random.)  Groovy pancakes were second on the list though.  My kids just usually want some of everything.  And I do mean everything.  We took up a booth and half the counter.  Yet we still had to hand plates back just to fit more on our tables.  Nobody left hungry.  Then it was on to the comic book store.

None of us had ever been to the comic book store.  This trip was born last night when my husband came to me and asked to borrow my Nook to look up The Walking Dead comics.  So I thought this might be a cool idea for each of the kids to get some comic books to read on the plane to Orlando.  Mike was looking to score some of these anyway so he jumped right on that bandwagon and began googling comic book stores in our area.  Turns out there are alot of fellow dorks in the Hampton Roads area, and comic book stores every couple of streets.  Score!  We found a little store in a strip mall and set out on our dork adventure.  As soon as we walked in I realized that we were not alone.  Dorks LOVE comic book stores.  In the middle of the room were long tables and chairs with no less than 10 adults sitting around doing some sort of "trading".  (I never did quite figure out what was going on, but they seemed quite into it.)  Somehow I felt like we were invading their world, and I kept shushing the kids to keep quiet.  It didn't take us long to find what we were looking for.  Mike and I got The Walking Dead, of course.  Madi got another type of Zombie comics.  Aspen and Madison got Star Wars.  And Spencer (who was done picking his first) got The Avenger and The Hulk. 

Proof of our dorkiness

These are now ready to add to our carry-ons and keep us occupied when we aren't busy gorging on pretzels and our free drink on the plane.  Yes, for some reason our children are stoked about the snacks and pint size drink on the flight.  This should occupy them for about 5 minutes.  Then they are going to need their dork books.  I'm ready.

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